Monday, May 20, 2013

From the heart - Monday Fortune Cookie 5/19/12


SNARKY RESPONSE: Then again, it could just be heartburn.

Great thoughts come from the heart.

As a romance writer, I'm partial to this fortune. Afterall, my tagline is: Fantasy With A Kiss Of Romance. I love stories that involve romance. Always have. Always will.

In Collector's Item, KT's heart tells her that her aunt is in trouble and despite her father's doubts, she insists on finding out. Her heart tells her that something's not right, and she puts everything on the line, including her own safety for that feeling. For her, it's about family. That's the heart of her story.

Peyton Aller's heart tells him that his best friend's death cannot go unavenged, and he puts aside his own career to do so. He goes undercover to track down the responsible party even when the authorities have set the case aside as unsolved. For him, it's about friendship. That's the heart of his story.

What happens when their stories cross becomes the heart of Collector's Item's story.

My hope is that you'll enjoy reading Collector's Item as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. Exploring KT and Peyton's world led me down a lot of interesting paths. Writing romance always offers me lots of new ways to imagine life and love. That's the heart of my story.

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