Monday, March 31, 2014

Movin' on up - See you on the flip side!

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It's been fun, but time to move on. Cue the Jeffersons' Theme song!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Starting again and Your Monday Fortune Cookie,

Off with her head!

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

SNARKY RESPONSE: Actually, first make sure the axe is REALLY SHARP!

A head? Get it! Yeah, been watching Reign, what can I say?

Okay...anyway, with my DH and myself having just celebrated our mumpty-mumphed birthdays, we've decided to do something very important for ourselves and each other. We've signed up for a weight-loss program together. In the past, one or the other of us (mostly him) has attempted a program on their own, but it's hard if the other partner (usually me) isn't participating.

Nope. Not Happenin'
I won't name names, but it appears to be a very well-rounded program, fully staffed with medical, nutritional, and physical fitness professionals. The first meeting included a talk about the program and their perceived road blocks to a healthy lifestyle. The combination of diet and exercise makes sense and is nothing new to anyone who has been on the weight loss roller coaster. Their difference is the level of support provided, which I admit, sounds wonderful.

Countin' down
I think for my DH and I, the key will not be so much the program, but the togetherness of our effort. I look forward to the challenge, hopeful that we can succeed (and that we don't kill each other along the way LOL).

Accountability is another key point, and I'm going to use this blog and you, poor things, as my accountability crew. You'll get to watch from a safe distance as I, we, once more wage our battle against the bulge.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Secret Smiles & Your Monday Fortune Cookie 3/3/14

You have a curious smile and a mysterious nature.


You have a curious smile and a mysterious nature.

Keep 'em guessing, Lisa! None of us wants to be an open book, and anyone who says they do, is definitely hiding something.

Then again, the key is the level of subterfuge. A healthy little secret here or there is to be expected, even in the closest relationship. It's when secrets begin to build that we run into trouble.


Because we humans are a curious bunch. Show us someone who's hiding something and even the most virtuous of us will want to discover why. If only to help. If only to satisfy that curious gene. No one can resist a good mystery.

Curiosity is what drives a writer to write. It's the temptation of that phrase - What if? What if I told my story? What if I shared my experience? What if I imagine something different? What if I turn that event around and explore a different ending?

And if we do it right, maybe then we can smile that curious smile to display our mysterious nature.