Monday, April 8, 2013

Steampunk, Ravencon, and Your Monday Fortune Cookie, 4/8/13


SNARKY RESPONSE: But in shoes, it's crucial

In life, it's good not to get too comfortable.

This past week-end was an exercise in being comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time and loving every minute of it.

RavenCon took place this weekend. Three days packed full of writing workshops, insightful panels, and expanding friendships.

This year the theme was Steampunk and I jumped into the spirit of things by exploring a premise for a steampunk story with the help of writing workshops conducted by Allen Wold and friends. Allen's workshops are legendary and absolute Must Attends for writers. His panels always include folks with serious skills for critiquing the work of participating writers.

I began working on a steampunk short story to include two characters who leaped onto my fb page a few weeks ago--Lady Aimes and Professor Algenon. I am excited about the project and am determined to get their fb-initiated adventure on paper.

I've shied away from steampunk for a long time because (1) I am new to the genre and (2) because I am not mechanically inclined. I'm definitely not what you'd call "mechanically inclined." Yet, this weekend's conference gave me hope that with a judicious application of careful research, creative interpretation, and logical extrapolation, I can write steampunk. Stay tuned.

The writing panels and workshops were excellent, ranging from fight scenes to plotting to finances. The speakers provided information, entertainment, and challenges to one and all. I didn't leave the hotel until after 11pm each night. And believe me, the Con was still in full swing when I left!

And I can't begin to adequately describe the costumes! Klingons, anime, steampunk, stormtroopers, Dr. Who--you name it, they wore it. I should have taken pictures but my brain was whirling with all the writing info.

Leona Wisoker's Launch Party for her newest Children of the Desert book - Fires of the Desert was wonderful. If you haven't checked out her series, you absolutely must!

As usual, I spent time with a bevy of wonderful friends, renewed acquaintance with RavenCon buds, and made new friends. I enjoyed catching up with fellow writers including Leona, Leila Gaskins, Jonny Lupsha, Bud Webster, and Pam Kinney.

If you enjoy science fiction and fantasy, you should definitely put the next RavenCon on your calendar.

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