Monday, July 16, 2012


"All matters of the heart can be resolved with wine and candlelight."

SNARKY RESPONSE: Unless we're talking heart surgery. In which case, wine and candlelight are NOT helpful at all. Oh, and if the matter involves a betrayal of one kind or another, a considerable amount of groveling will be required.

"All matters of the heart can be resolved with wine and candlelight."

As a romance writer, this fortune was very apropos of my genre. This mindset, and setting, works perfectly in the development of a romantic entanglement. Yes, the setting is a bit clichéd, but no matter how clichéd it appears, it is effective. What heart doesn't go pitter pat at the sight of a candlelit table set for two? (Okay, I admit that there are occasions where that pitter-patter is a full-on arrhythmia of phobic anxiety, but that's another story!).

Consider the way candlelight draws you in, creating an intimacy no electric light can completely duplicate. Perhaps it harkens to the earliest days and the security and magic of the fire. And because candlelight works best in a darkened room, yet more is added to the intimacy factor. The darkness unconsciously encloses the two at table in a spatial cocoon. Flickering candlelight softens the edges, disguises minor imperfections, and encourages quiet in voice and demeanor. Within that magical circle of light, guarded from the darkness beyond, the two hearts can focus, one to the other. And where there is a connection there is hope.

Do you feel "all matters" can be resolved in this manner or do you feel that it's another fallacy the Fortune Cookie Seer is circulating as truth? 


  1. Hmmmm...interesting premise. The romantic in me says yes! The wine relaxes, the candlelight softens the view, and we can listen with our hearts. The realist in me (drawing on many, many years of marriage) says it depends on the mood going in. Sometimes you're just too tense, too wired up to let yourself relax, or to let yourself view your loved one through that blurry-edged prism. So I guess my bottom line - don't waste the wine if you're too PO'd to enjoy!

    1. LOL, Leah! I love that last line. Yeah, wine & candlelight might be wasted effort indeed, but one can hope, eh? At least, there are a few points to be earned due to effort. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!