Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Following Through Can Win The Prize!

Any writer who has attended a writing conference has heard about pitch sessions and most have participated. In most cases, writers who have targeted the correct editor or agent for their type of writing will receive a request for submissions: a query letter, a synopsis, a chapter or two and sometimes a full manuscript.

Do Not Drop The Ball On This Opportunity!

This request is golden for writers aspiring to publication because it moves you out of the "unrequested" slush pile, into the "requested" pile, and that much farther up the line to being considered for publication. Of course, there are no guarantees regarding acceptance, but anything that ups your odds is a good thing.

As a result of this process, I'm thrilled to announce that my novella, Collector's Item, has found a home with The Wild Rose Press. Wow, that sounds so cut and dried. I'm actually loop-de-looping the moon and making noises that no woman of my age should make in public.

This all came about thanks to the Virginia Romance Writers For the Love of Writing Conference last May. There, I had the opportunity to pitch my novella to several agents and editors. I sent out my submission documents as requested and The Wild Rose Press requested the full manuscript.

I had been fortunate to make my first novella sale to them with The Festival of The Flowers: The Courtesan and The Scholar. Would lightning strike twice?

With a pounding heart, I sent Collector's Item to the Senior Editor of the Black Rose Line - their paranormal line. And after some discussion about and revision of my manuscript, they offered, and I accepted, a contract to have Collector's Item published as an enovella.

Major celebrations continue to be held, believe me! I've resigned myself to sounding like a teenager who just sighted the latest heart-throb. It would be embarrassing if I wasn't just so darned excited!

Now the hard work of polishing my novella for publication begins. Working with The Wild Rose Press on final edits, marketing information to be created, a cover to be designed, and a publication date to be set. But it's the kind of hard work we writers dream of while we craft our current Works In Progress.

May you have the same good fortune, if you haven't already. Just remember, Follow Through!


  1. I attended RT2012 in Chicago this year and was able to pitch a couple of MS to several different publishers. I had a couple of requests, but so far, no luck. Wild Rose Press was one of the lines I was interested in, but the rep was unavailable at the portion of the pitch session I attended. I still might query them, one of their reps was interested in my MS when I did have the opportunity to talk with them. Food for thought anyway.

    Congrats!! And so much more success!

    Dottie :)

    1. Thanks, Dottie! You really should query them. Just make sure you target the correct line (which I'm certain you would have) as well as their submissions requirements. Those pesky submissions requirements change from publisher to publisher making the submission process a major headache. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope to hear exciting news from you in the near future!

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  3. Congratulations! I can't wait to see the finished product. You deserve the success!

    1. Thank you so very much! It just never gets old, ya know! Success to you in all your endeavors!

    2. Sorry I didn't recognize you, Leila! Love the "handle!"