Monday, January 6, 2014

What the heart wants, vampires, and Your Monday Fortune Cookie, 1/6/14

The heart wants what it wants: an unending supply of human blood.

SNARK RESPONSE: First - EW! Second - and so do vampires. Third - you call THIS a fortune cookie fortune?

The heart wants what it wants: an unending supply of human blood.

The Originals on the CW

Been trying to catch up with The Originals on CW, so I've got vampires on the brain. Still in the first few episode, so please, folks, no spoilers. Certainly a very photogenic group of blood-suckers plus one witch. Or is she a werewolf? And a twisty dysfunctional family structure to boot. Still a little fuzzy about the who's who, but the setting, Nawlins, is always filled with promises of the bizarre and outre. Yep, definitely intrigued.

In fact, I'm thinking I may be doing some posts over at Tea & Strumpets for Myth Perceptions about the vampire myth and related tropes. So, consider this a little snark peek, er, sneak peak at vampires as seen through the eye of yours truly.

First, why oh why ARE they always so deliciously hunkadorable to look at? Of course, there is that whole seduction to obtain food thing. I suppose if someone less than fabulous wanted to nibble on your neck, you'd be more likely to think twice. And if you've got to live forever, it is preferable to do so in a body to die, or not die, for.

Second, if all  you can eat or drink is blood, talk about halitosis! How would you seduce someone if every breath smelled like an abattoir? I don't think Listerine would be completely up to the challenge, do you?

Well, I'd better stop now before all the vampire fans come after me with pointy objects. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy a good vampire story as much as the next one, and I'll be watching The Originals. For a while.


  1. vampires, eh? I've not heard of the series you mention... maybe will have to check it out.

    1. Hi, Joanna! So far so good, it's an entertaining vampire series. Of course, there is the obligatory battles for supremacy, posturing about protecting themselves or lesser beings (humans), and current day issues based on events from the distant past. But, hey, I watch TV to escape so it's right up my alley. Thanks for dropping by and do check it out. At least for the eye-candy.

    2. I'll definitely do so! In a strange twist of events, I just found out I'll be playing a vampire myself in a local-made movie. You heard it here first!

    3. See! Proof Positive of what I was saying, Lovely Lady! And Congrtulations on the role. So Very Excited for you and can't wait to hear, close second-hand, about the experience. WTG! I never knew you had an interest in acting.