Monday, January 27, 2014

Two Poetic Twists on a Theme & Your Monday Fortune Cookie, 1/27/14

Cold hands -- warm heart (or poor circulation)

SNARKY REPONSE: So do cold feet -- hot buns?

At MarsCon, I attended a Poetry workshop where the moderator, Adele Gardner, invited us to write some poetry playing with the con's fairy tale theme. Here are what I came up with:

Point of Departure

Before stepping between, she pauses to breathe,
a golden girl in pinafore with eyes of tempest blue.
Fingers splayed to reach, to push, to pull,
she breaks the liminal boundary, icy as sorrow,
fleeting as fog on a wintry morning.
A step away from a world dark with memories,
a step forward into a vista of unknowns,
she arrives, safe but not sound, here and yet still there.
Beyond the looking glass, she begins to seek her ending.

Queen's Gambit

So simple, yet so right.
With dew drops lingering bright on crimson skin,
the unsuspected vessel of my assured victory.
A single bite is all that's required.
Tart sweetness to be relished until
the body learns what the eyes did not perceive.
Rose red lips will part to gasp,
to frame a question unasked,
release a final breath in a sigh.
Innocence once more felled by naivete,
How simple, yes, how right.
The fruit of innocence bears the seed of death.

If you'd like to share something of your own in the comments, I'd be thrilled to see and read it. If you'd like to share your thoughts about my words, I'll try to be equally thrilled to read them (depending on the tone LOL).


  1. Both poems are quite lovely. However, I especially enjoyed the first one. I can envision "a golden girl in pinafore with eyes of tempest blue." I love how you used color, blue and red, to symbolize each poem.

    1. Hi, Stacy! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm glad that second line worked so well for you. I don't know why Alice popped into my mind that night, but she was standing there at the looking glass and she felt sad about the step she was about to take. Thanks again for dropping in!

  2. Vivid pieces! I loved the contrast in color-- the blue, then the red. The second poem spoke to me more than the first-- I guess I can relate more to the evil queen than to Alice! (unlike Stacy, clearly! ;))

    1. Hi Joanna! Always a delight to get your feedback. The colors were simply a bit of whimsey, but I liked the finished effect. Yeah, the Queen was my attempt to twist the fairy tale. We always hear about poor Snow White, but the Queen said she needed equal time, so I tried to give her a say. As they say, even the villain feels they are the hero of their story.