Monday, August 20, 2012


"A light heart carries you through all the hard times."

SNARKY RESPONSE: But a bottle of vodka will make you completely oblivious. Okay, so diving into a bottle is NOT a viable option, but this IS the snarky section, right?

"A light heart carries you through all the hard times."

The Fortune Cookie Guru needs a reality check. This reads like an oxymoron to me. Light heart/hard times? I would love to think that I could do this, but if my heart was light, the times couldn't possibly be that hard, could they? And if the times ARE that hard, how do I make my heart light? Denial might work, but it isn't useful.

Perhaps it's more about letting go of the attempt to control your life and trust that your higher power will get you through. (I make no stipulation as to what form your higher power might take, just that you trust it.) This is something that I've found amazingly comforting and empowering.

Additionally, metaphysics and religion aside, when facing "hard times, " I recognize that while there are things I cannot change, I CAN change  how I react to them. Okay, I admit I might spend a little time being angry, terrified, or overwhelmed, but then I try to  edge back from that ledge and take a long view.

I've been a very fortunate person in my life in that I've always managed to work my way through my "hard times" so far, knock wood. Perhaps that is the nugget of gold in this:

Recognizing that you've survived hard times before can give you the strength to survive them now.

If you're having hard times right now, I send you love and light AND the certainty that you will get through it.


  1. Such a wonderful post and quite thought provoking, Denise! As you know, Wayne and I are dealing with our own "hard times" right now. Since the gentleman, and I use that term loosely, (snark!)ran through our home nothing has been repaired because they cannot find "historically correct" materials. Now, as most of my friends know, patience is not a virtue I can honestly claim, however, I am learning...quite at a leisurely pace, I might add!I have found that if I take a deep breath...very deep, I can eventually calm down enough to deal with the hard stuff...Lord willing!

  2. So true, Denise. How many of us can actually achieve a "light heart" when things are tough, even when we are dealing calmly with the circumstances? Good advice to step back and take the long look at what's going on...then freak out. :-) Okay, okay...just kidding...sort of. My hubby and I are total opposites in how we react to difficulties. He goes nuts over little things, like a canceled doctor's appointment when he's already arranged for time off, but when big news (like major illness) comes along, he's a rock. I, on the other hand, go with the flow with everyday challenges, but am more prone to fall apart at those big events that make us question everything. Like you, after a day or so to process, I'll be able to figure out the action plan. Good topic!