Thursday, August 30, 2012

Have You Seen This Bike?

I'm a devoted listener to NPR News during my commute. It is my only dip into current events and social commentary. I often find myself absorbed by their stories and last week, a very intriguing coincidence emphasized the importance of this connection between me and the world at large.

Halfway through my trip home, I caught the NPR's story about New York City's Ghost Bike Project. To recap, bike riders decided to take a page from the folks who post those white crosses along roads to commemorate the loss of a loved one in an accident. Their method is to take old bikes, strip them down, paint them white, and place them at the site where a bike rider died in an accident. Not only to remember a fallen friend or fellow enthusiast, but to help raise awareness about "sharing the road."

I thought about all the bike delivery folks in NYC dealing with/daring the NYC traffic and shared a moment of sadness for the riders who lost in that confrontation.

As I was driving down River Road toward the bridge, I noticed something on the road. When I got closer, I realized it was a ghost bike. A Ghost Bike here in Richmond?

I'm so sorry for all the folks this bike commemorates - rider, driver, family, friends. And I ask - Please folks, wherever you are, please SHARE THE ROAD.

Riders - please observe traffic laws just like any other vehicle on the road
Drivers - please be considerate of bike riders and give them plenty of room.

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  1. Though I don't have the actual specifics, a friend gave me a heads up about the bike I photographed. I'm told a young lady who worked at a restaurant down the hill from the bike was riding home after work and was struck and killed. I'm told it was a Hit & Run, though I don't have the actual specifics. A truly sad situation and my heart goes out to her family and friends.