Monday, June 11, 2012


"Behind bad luck comes good luck."

So, this is the first of your Weekly Fortune Cookies.

You know all those fortune cookie fortunes you abandon on the table or tuck into your wallet to be forgotten until you dump all your change into your change bowl? Well, I've been stockpiling mine in a small bowl on my writing desk and I've decided that I would pull one, try to be creative with it, and then subject you, Gentle Reader, to my result. The selected day will be Mondays, and this week's selection is:

                            "Behind bad luck comes good luck."

Snarky response: Well, after a case of bad luck most anything different will feel like good luck.

Okay, so my snark needs a little work, but it's true, right? I mean, when you've been dealing with something bad, and it ends, that's good! It's over! The relief factor will elevate the mere cessation of stress to a level of wonder and gratitude in orders of magnitude directly proportionate and opposite to the stress. Hence, good luck!

As a fortune, I'm thinking it just means - hang in there, things'll get better.

RESEARCH SIDEBAR – Ever wonder who writes those fortunes? Here's a link to a New Yorker article about one such pithy writer –  Cookie Master by Jeremy Olshan, The New Yorker - Thank you, ilovegoogle, for posting this link.

So, that's your first Weekly Fortune Cookie. See you next week.


  1. I love the concept of the "Weekly Fortune Cookie"! And your snarky response!
    I've been going through a bit of bad luck myself, so I impatiently await that, 'anything different'.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, JoLynn! I'm a firm believer that luck, like the weather, will always change. It basically comes down to how we deal with those changes. Here's hoping it changes to the good for you right away!


  2. I never thought there were people with the job of writing fortune cookie fortunes. That would be a fun job.

    I'm going to have to remember to stop by for my weekly fortune. What a cool idea!

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Nara! It's funny, I hadn't given much thought to the folks who write the fortunes until I read about one in an urban fantasy series - I think it was Laura Ann Gillman's Retriever Series. There was an Asian fortuneteller whose fortunes were cryptic and terrifyingly accurate. They were actually written specifically for YOU when you visited the restaurant. The concept just latched on and wouldn't let go of me. Must be my Asian ancestry kickin' in.