Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ruminations Upon Getting Started

I've been neglectful of the blogosphere and hereby intend (operative words) to become more attentive. As a writer, the primary focus is, and should be, on the work--writing, but how many blogs on writing can the blogosphere support? So, it then comes down to identifying a niche for myself and here's my first attempt. And I should warn you that this is totally subject to change without notice or provocation.

I have been a writer my whole life, though I did fall away from it after a particularly painful encounter with a writing instructor. It took me gaining some years and perspective to acknowledge that like a particular bodily orifice, everyone has an opinion. I don't have to agree or accept it. So, as an adult, I decided to jump back into writing. And here's my plan.

I shall blog here about many things, small or large, wonderous or wandering, but mostly it'll be about my experiences as a woman of a certain age pursuing the dream of writing. This experience may entail meditative musings, technical tantrums, and selective silliness. It may include soulful scenarios, blatent bragging, and cackling commentaries. However it falls out, I will promise you this--I'll always give you my best shot!

Hope you'll come back to read and COMMENT!

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