Monday, March 3, 2014

Secret Smiles & Your Monday Fortune Cookie 3/3/14

You have a curious smile and a mysterious nature.


You have a curious smile and a mysterious nature.

Keep 'em guessing, Lisa! None of us wants to be an open book, and anyone who says they do, is definitely hiding something.

Then again, the key is the level of subterfuge. A healthy little secret here or there is to be expected, even in the closest relationship. It's when secrets begin to build that we run into trouble.


Because we humans are a curious bunch. Show us someone who's hiding something and even the most virtuous of us will want to discover why. If only to help. If only to satisfy that curious gene. No one can resist a good mystery.

Curiosity is what drives a writer to write. It's the temptation of that phrase - What if? What if I told my story? What if I shared my experience? What if I imagine something different? What if I turn that event around and explore a different ending?

And if we do it right, maybe then we can smile that curious smile to display our mysterious nature.


  1. Fun post, Denise! You're right, people do love a mystery. I'm one of those people who should never play poker. Although while my moods are transparent, I keep my actual thoughts pretty much to myself. ... until the book comes out. :-)

    1. Hi, Leah! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I guess I'm lucky that you have occasionally shared your writing with me before the book release. Either way, I'd never miss reading your books! Keep writing!