Monday, November 4, 2013

Conflict, Story, and Your Monday Fortune Cookie 11/4/13


SNARKY RESPONSE: Oh, yeah. I'm even getting critique instructions in a crunchy cookie shell.

Every Good Story Requires A Little Conflict

And every good romance needs a bit of conflict between the hero and heroine. It's all about that "will they or won't they" that keeps a romance reader reading.

In COLLECTOR'S ITEM, the conflict between KT Marant and Peyton Allers is a struggle for supremacy. Two strong-willed people facing off over the best way to get to their individual goals.

Peyton Allers struggled to contain his temper as he faced the "princess" of the Marant clan, AKA Katarina Teresa Marant. Because a high-blood princess had slipped her leash and made herself a target for the Collectors, his cover and his operation were blow. No simple "chip & tip" would do for this Collector's Item, damn it!
KT finally lost her temper. She slammed her hands onto the floor and leaned forward to thrust her face toward his. "And just like that, you let your best chance at catching Douglas Torne slip right through your fingers? As well as my best chance to find out who has my aunt? Not happening. I won't allow it." 
When they finally resolve this contest of wills to join forces, I hope you'll agree that they truly do become greater than the sum of their parts.

COLLECTOR'S ITEM is now available in paperback at Wild Rose Publishing and on Amazon.

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