Monday, August 5, 2013

Kisses, poetry, and your Monday Fortune Cookie, 8/5/13


SNARKY RESPONSE: No, a kiss is not a kiss without the lips, the hands, the arms.

Kiss is not a kiss without the heart.

Why don't I ever get fortunes like this when I go to the local restaurant? Aome of the fortunes I've been receiving lately have been so bland as to require salt and pepper.

One piece of advice that writers receive is to read, and not just in their chosen genre. Well, I would add reading other mediums - poetry, plays, lyrics, essays. I've been attending local poetry open mics and the variety of styles, themes, and presentations have been inspiring on many levels.

Another piece of writing advice is to write tight, and poetry is a perfect example of that advice. The trick is not quantity but quality. If you want to learn how to tighten your writing, read or listen to poetry.

All this pondering and listening to poetry has led, inevitably, to my attempting some poetry of my own. On facebook, I've "liked" several art pages, and when the image inspires, I write a story snippet. Now, I've even begun a few poetry snippets. Here's one image and the poem snippet it inspired.

Artwork by Tzviatko Kinchev

She turns aside to deflect his glance,
hair blowing forward to shadow her face.
Artful or artless,
the movement captures him,
holds him hostage.
Her hand, fingers long, nails short,
reaches blindly to curl around his hand,
lying supine against his thigh.
Her dark gaze slides up his arm to linger
in the curve of his throat,
then rises to meet his waiting stare.

"Hot out today, isn't it?"


  1. Wow! Erotic Poetry at its best! is HOT today!!!!

    1. Thank you, Stacy, for stopping in, commenting, and sharing! It's been fun reading your poetry as well!

  2. Love, love love this, the poem snippet and the fortune cookie advice. We're so fortunate to have you in our midst, Denise!

    1. Oh, Joanna! That's so sweet. I've been having so much fun returning to poetry after such a long haitus. Thanks for inspiring and motivating me!