Thursday, February 21, 2013


On the Third Thursday of Every Month, my MYTH PERCEPTIONS blog appears at Words, Women, Wisdom.

My current series of Myth explorations revolves around shapeshifters.

This month is about Foxy Ladies - Asian Fox Spirits - Some very interesting spirits with a dangerously mischievous side. Sometimes even deadly intent. But, as the old radio show said, "the shadow knows." These fox spirits are often betrayed by their shadows. So, if your foxy lady is a bit shady, shy of bright lights, you might be in for heartbreak or an unintentional organ donation. Visit W3 to see what I mean.

The Kinziscale, Lost Girl

Oh, and as a bit of late breaking news - One of my absolute fav Syfy series, Lost Girl, featured kitsune as the fae-flavor of the night. A whole sorority of foxy ladies.

Last month was the kick-off post contrasting Werewolves and Shapeshifters - My understanding is that these terms are not precisely interchangeable. Traditional werewolves respond to the call of the full moon. The historic representation of werewolves involve a curse or unsolicited bites. Modern tropes are changing. Shapeshifters have never been unable to control the where and when of their changes.

I'll be continuing my tour of shapeshifter mythology next month with Kelpies.

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