Monday, October 8, 2012


You will maintain good health and enjoy life.


You will maintain good health and enjoy life.

I sure wish I'd drawn this one out of my fortunes collection before last Saturday. Why you ask? Last Saturday, I tripped and fell, resulting in bruising and general unhappiness all over my body. Luckily nothing was broken and I'm much better now.

However, this fortune does bring to mind a point. Writing is a sedentary career. We do all the heavy lifting in our minds and the only parts of our bodies that get a real work-out are our fingers. Okay, I should acknowledge that there are genres of writing that require physical involvement – outdoors writers, travel writers, sports writers, etc. – but most of us spend the majority of our time at a desk, seated, for hours on end. If that's won't contribute to a bit of spread and gradual flabbiness, nothing will.

So, what's a dedicated writer to do? Get up and move around regularly.

The First Wives Club
One of my favorite scenes in The First Wives Club was when the three "first wives" Diane Keaton, Bette Midler, and Goldie Hawn were brainstorming ways to get back at one of their husbands. Goldie Hawn was up on their office treadmill and said she got her best ideas there. True to her word, she came up with an excellent observation and Bette Midler exclaimed "She does get her best ideas on there." (or something to that effect)

It's an often cited piece of advice that when you're blocked, you get up and do something else. But don't let that be the only time you get up. Aside from going in search of the obligatory caffeine or treats to stimulate and/or lure the muse. Exercise! Take a walk. Get on a rebounder. Switch on the exercise channel and follow along. No one cares if you don't do all the exercises with the grace and aplomb of those way perky exercise divas. The point is that you're moving and the more you move the easier it will become.

Oh, you say, that's easy to say from way over there. So, what are you doing? Admittedly, I've not been doing much, but I am posting this as a formal Declaration of Intent.

I will begin to include more exercise in my routine beginning today. How about you? Are you game?

Together we WILL maintain good health and enjoy life!

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